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If you have questions or are looking to purchase often hard to find high temperature heater accessories like soft/flexible silicone rubber heater hook up cable, high temperature ceramic and thermosetting plastic thermocouple plugs and connectors, high temp thermocouple wire, high temperature terminals (rings, spades, butt connectors), high temperature sleeving and high temperature European connectors please contact us below.

In addition we offer hard to find specialty heaters like miniature cartridge heaters (2, 3 & 4 mm and 1/8” OD), Nextflex on-site formable/bendable tubular heaters, petite kapton and silicone rubber heaters, Hstat flexible heat tapes as well as multizone and distributed wattage cartridge heaters.

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Whether you require a custom made thermal component designed for a tough application or a more common part designed to meet the competitive demands of your industry, National Plastic Heater is ready to be your business partner. Let us prove our commitment to you and your success. Contact us with your questions and requirements and feel free to view our main catalogue here:

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