High Temp Connector Products Quick Disconnects Standard Terminals

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High Temp Connector Products Quick Disconnects Standard Terminals

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High Temp Connector Products Quick Disconnects, Straight & 90 Degree Slip-On’s, Spades and Standard Terminals.

NPH Receptacles Offer Advances In Quick Disconnect Termination

NPH quick disconnect high temperature connector products offer advanced features beyond those of many other quick disconnect receptacles. They provide innovation at the receptacle-to-tab and the wire-to-receptacle interfaces. Their low insertion force design is robust, fully meeting specifications after the sixth insertion. F-crimp, Tab-Lok or an innovative 2D crimp is available. The 2D crimp allows one terminal and one applicator to cover a full range of wire sizes. This can reduce the number of part numbers to spec in, buy and inventory; reduce applicator cost and set-up; and improve applicator efficiency. Tin plated brass receptacles are rated 125°C, while nickel plated steel receptacles are rated 250°C. They can be used across a broad range of industries, including home appliances, industrial machinery, transportation and others.

New Standard Line
The new Standard line of NPH terminals includes high temperature nickel plated steel receptacles and tin plated brass
receptacles utilizing our F-Crimp, Tab-Lok and the new 2D crimp technology. The Standard line of NPH receptacles is easily
identifiable by the dogbone shaped front end of the receptacle allowing the mating tab to mate on a rolled edge instead of a
sheared edge for reduced insertion force. The new Standard tin plated brass receptacles are UL rated to 125°C versus our legacy
tin plated brass NPH receptacles rated at only 110°C. Finally, our Standard tin plated brass receptacles are performance tested
on the 6th mating cycle instead of the 1st mating cycle, to allow for disconnection and reconnection during service calls without
needing to replace the receptacles. All Standard line NPH receptacles are backward compatible with our existing NPH housings.

Our Standard line 2D crimp NPH receptacles will allow customers to standardize on four receptacles to cover their full wire
range allowing them to replace hundreds of other receptacles, potentially giving them better productivity and pricing while
reducing change-overs. Fewer receptacles require less application tooling and improves inventory handling. The wide range wire crimps can easily accomodate under-sized wire being used more often in production today. Nickel plated steel receptacles in the Standard line of NPH terminals are specifically designed for high temperature applications. They are UL rated to 250C


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