High Temp Fiberglass Sleeving 600C, 500-800V, 1-50mm Diameters

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High Temp Fiberglass Sleeving 600C 500 800V

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High Temp Fiberglass Sleeving 600C 500-800V

High Temperature Fiberglass Sleeving/Insulation:

Heat Treated Fiberglass Sleeving is a very good solution for bundling applications where there is a requirement for high temperatures but low voltage levels Its flexibility and expandability makes it easily fit irregular shapes It also provides
abrasion and flame resistance. High Temperature Fiberglass Sleeving can be used in high temperature, low voltage
applications and wherever severe, repeated flexing or temperature extremes prohibit the use of other materials. Its expandability and flexibility enables it to slip over irregular shapes and electrical connections to provide effective thermal, mechanical and electrical protection.

This kind of fiberglass sleeving is widely used in heating components, carbonbrushes, toasters, coffeemakers etc.
• Colours: natural (silver-grey) only
• Cut through resistance: Excellent
• Oil resistance: No swelling or disintegration
• Fungus resistance: Inert, requires no fungicide additives
• Rate of Burning: Meets UL VW-1 flammability rating

Technical Data
Material: Fiberglass fiber
Maximum Temperature: 600°C
Breakdown Voltage: 700v
Flammability: VW-1
Standard Colour: White, Black
Certificate: RoHS
Cutting Tool: Cutting machine, Scissor


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