Silicone Rubber High Temperature Heater Hook Up Cables

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Silicone Rubber High Temperature Heater Hook Up Cables

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High-Temperature Wire Considerations:

Two of the most important factors to consider when selecting a high-temperature wire is the temperature rating and ampacity. The temperature rating is exactly what it sounds like and is defined as the maximum continuous temperature a specific wire can withstand during its expected lifetime. Ampacity is the maximum current an insulated conductor can safely carry without exceeding its insulation and jacket temperature limitations. Taking into consideration both of these factors is imperative in choosing the right high-temperature wire for your application.

Silicone Rubber High Temperature Heater Hook Up Cables. Cable for High Temperature Applications & Other Environments.

Silicone insulated/coated wire is suitable for power transmission lines with fixed voltage of 0.6/1KV and below, or connecting cables for mobile electrical appliances. The products have the characteristics of heat radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas and waterproof. The cable structure is soft and the radiation is convenient. In the high temperature (cold) environment, the electrical performance is stable, the anti-aging performance is outstanding, and the service life is long.

Silicone coated wire Features:
1, rated voltage: 300/500V
2, working temperature: -60 ~ +200 ° C
3. Conductor: stranded tinned copper wire
4, insulation: silicone rubber
5, protective cover: silicone rubber

Braidless silicone rubber motor lead wire consists of a single, stranded, tinned or nickel-plated copper conductor with a silicone rubber insulation. This wire’s braidless construction allows for quick, tidy, and easy stripping. Braidless silicone motor lead witch is very flexible and aside from motors, is great for use as internal wiring for lighting fixtures, stoves, and electronic devices. Braidless silicone motor lead wire is resistant to UV and moisture and comes with FT-2 and VW-1 flame test ratings.

200°C (392°F) Temperature Rating
UL and CSA Certified Available


mechanical, plant and appliance engineering industry
heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology
buildings with increased security requirements
photovoltaic systems, commercial, industrial and household ovens
shipbuilding, aerospace and railroad industry
steel mills and hot rolling mills

Silicone Single Core/Silicone Cables:

CC-silicone single core SiF-325; SiF/GL-330; SiD-335; SiD/GL-336; SiFF-340
CC-silicone single core SiF-353, UL and CSA
CC-silicone single core -386, 1,1-13,8 kV
CC-silicone single core H05SJ-K-331; H05S-K-332; H05S-U-333
CC-silicone twin cable SiZ 341
CC-silicone ignition cable FZL-Si-326 / FZL-Si/GL/Si-327
CC-silicone cableSiHF-610, halogen-free, UL and CSA
silicone cableH05SS-F-611, harmonized
CC-silicone cable Si-C-Si-614, shielded, UL and CSA
CC-silicone cableSiHF-C-Si-616, shielded, with inner sheath
CC-silicone cable SiHF-GLSi-630, with steel wire braid, halogen-free


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