Extruder Rupture Discs

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Extruder Rupture Discs

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The pressure inside the extruder barrel during the extrusion process is high, typically ranging between 1,000 and 15,000 psi. Excessive build-up of pressure could rupture the barrel and lead to major machine malfunction, costly downtime and operator safety issues. To protect the extruder barrel from over-pressurization, rupture disks (extrusion burst plugs) can be installed at (or near) the die end of the barrel. A rupture disc is a non-closing pressure relief device used to protect industrial applications from overpressure or vacuum related events.  NPH Extruder rupture discs are a reliable solution for relieving excessive pressure in plastic and food extruders. The special gas-tight soldered or welded rupture disc membrane is installed directly in the area of the extruder screw. This eliminates the risk of dead spaces where contamination/residues can accumulate. All standard connections/bores for pressure transducers or probes on plastic extruders can be fitted with NPH blow plugs/rupture discs.


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