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High Temp. Insulation Wrap: High-Temperature Removable Insulation Blankets

NPH Wrap is a multipurpose, flexible, and 1” thick fiberglass insulation wrap that can be used in many applications. It can wrap around a thick walled exhaust pipe, thin walled exhaust tubing, expansion joints, stove pipe, or any other hot surface. The overall blanket temperature rating is 1100°F / 593°C. The inner surface is designed for direct exposure to this temperature. The outer protective surface which is water and oil resistant can safely be exposed to temperatures of 500°F/260°C. The wrap comes with stainless steel rivets along its length, and is supplied with lacing wire. The wrap is fastened into place by looping the wire along the rivets. Wire cutters are recommended to cut away any excess wire. As an alternative to lacing wire, quick release springs can be ordered as the wrap fastening method. The springs are installed on the rivets, and do not require any wire cutters. Note that there is a small price premium for the springs fastening.

When Selecting the Correct size, Here are Some Brief Notes to Keep in Mind:

The Diameter is the distance across the circle and the Circumference is the distance around the circle.
The diameter on the outside of the pipe (“OD” for short) can vary significantly from the inside diameter of the opening (“ID” for short). NPH Wrap is ALWAYS based on the Outside Diameter (“OD”).
Sometimes it is easier to measure a Diameter and sometimes it is easier to measure a circumference. Our part description includes both the Outside Diameter (“OD”) and the Outside Circumference (“Circ.”). Note that the “Circ.” dimension is rounded off to the closest ¼”.

National Plastic Heater Custom Manufactures Extrusion and Injection Moulding Removable Insulation blankets for:

Injection Moulder Barrel Heaters

Blown Film Applications
Preheat Covers
Service Throw Insulation Covers

NPH insulation blankets are designed to fit around electrical connections and thermocouples. All are made from Non-Combustible High Temperature Materials.


An Injection Molding manufacturer of buckets and pails reports 35% saving on Energy input and 25% reduction in start up time.

Touch-safe perforated heatshields on an Italtech machine located beside a shipping door lost heat and energy resulting in poor temperature uniformity causing quality problems. NPH insulation blankets solved their quality control problems and gave a 7 month ROI.

A Blown Film Manufacturer keeps 36″ dies on standby at half heat with a ‘top hat’ insulation cover.

A sheet die preheat station reaches operating temperature faster when covered with insulation service pads, even when the preheat station is located besides a passage door. This manufacturer also blankets their flow tubes as well. Workers are also protected from accidental contact with dies as they walk by. THERMOWRAP Service Pads are available in assorted sizes to accommodate a wide range of die sizes.

Other Industrial Applications for High Temperature Insulation Blankets and Covers

Insulation Solutions for Generator Set Industry
Locomotive Insulation
Marine Industry Insulation
Mining Industry Insulation
Oil & Gas Industries Insulation
On-Highway Vehicle Insulation
Power Generation Insulation Solutions
Industrial Applications
Construction/Off Highway
Forestry and Agriculture


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