CEFIR2200-20-KK: High Temperature Thermocouple Wire, 2200°F, Solid Conductors, Type K

USD $400.00

Industry Applications: “Aluminum, Component Heat Testing, Field Heat Treating, Forgings, Glass, Ceramics, Clay Tiles, Brick, Heat Treating, Metal Qualification, Steel, Utilities Power Generation, OEM’s, Sensor Manufacturing

Quantity in Basket: None
Max Temp – single use: 2400ºF/1316ºC
Max Temp – continuous: 2200ºF/1204ºC
Calibration: KK
Wire Gauge: 20
Insulation: Braided ceramic fiber
Jacket: Braided ceramic fiber
Conductor: Solid
Construction: Parallel Conductors
Pair Count: 1 Pair

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CEFIR®- Ceramic Fiber designed for extreme temperature applications. Ceramic fiber is braided on the individual conductors and the jacket giving a continuous temperature rating up to 2200ºF (1204ºC). The ceramic fiber is flexible throughout the extended temperature range. The high temperature limit of CEFIR® allows it to be used in areas where beaded ceramic thermocouples or sheathed thermocouples were previously specified.


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