Kapton(Polyimide) Heaters Small

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Kapton (Polyimide) Heaters Small 3″ x 3″, 12/24/48/120/240V, Max Watts, PSA, 6″ Teflon Leads

Kapton and silicone rubber heaters are extremely versatile and operate efficiently in many environments.
Some distinct advantages of kapton and silicone rubber heaters are:

Moisture resistance,
Oil and solvent resistance,
Chemical resistance,
Outdoor exposure,
Extremely thin profiles,
Conform to almost any shape.

Advantages: Polyimide (Kapton™) is a semitransparent, flexible, thin material, ideally suited for the
manufacture of etch foil heater mats. With it’s low thermal mass, superb electrical insulating properties
and excellent resistance to most chemicals, it allows high power densities with fast and efficient thermal
transfer. Being thin and lightweight with a wide temperature range polyimide heaters have a distinct
advantage over other forms of heating elements. Where fast response, chemical resistance and a low profile
is required polyimide heaters offer the ideal solution.

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