NPH Art 730-111-10341-25A-380V

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Part Number:NPH Art 730-111-10341-25A-380V

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NPH Art 730-111-10341-25A-380V

Description: DIN 49490 straight connector body with silicone cover and body.
Good to 250*C continuous and 300*C short term.

Some European plugs/connectors in this category are rated up to 25 Amps, 380 Volts
AC with temperature ranges up to 300° C. Both male and female connectors are
available in this standard. In addition, straight and 90° configurations are
available. Several terminal base and shell types with compression cord grip are
available. Some have metal, silicone rubber or plastic shells/housing. Terminal
bases are available in silicone rubber, porcelain or plastic.



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