Very High Temp. Ceramic Terminal Block 500°C (932°F) – 700C (1232F)

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These high quality electrical connection blocks allow efficient and easy wiring connections of ovens, infrared heaters, quartz tube heaters in furnaces, kilns, catering equipment, but also in equipment that must withstand fire whilst maintaining their function such as road and railway tunnels and military equipment.

Specially designed to provide increased resistance to high temperatures, they can withstand 500 °C (900 °F) continuously and 700 °C (1292 °F) peak. They retain their mechanical properties, electrical insulation and connectivity after 2 hours at 920°C (Fire simulation test)

Screws: M4x8, 304 stainless steel, with spring washer against loosening at high temperature. Recommended torque 13~ 20 Two possible types of screw heads: Phillips or slot upon DIN84

Terminals: 304 Stainless steel, 16mm² gauge

Current carrying capacity: 32A per terminal

Maximum Operating Voltage: 750V (insulation distance greater than 10mm between mounting board and terminals, and between terminals). Special care must be taken to avoid reducing the isolation distances during assembly by the use of inappropriate mounting screws or poorly stripped or poorly insulated cables.

Maximum ambient temperature:

Permanent: 500°C (900°F)
In peak short duration: 700°C (1292°F)
Fire: 920°C (1690°F) for two hours (Afterwards equipment must be replaced, but it retains its main characteristics during the fire).
Applicable standards: (IEC) EN60998-1 ; (IEC) EN60998-2-1 (August 1993) ; NFC32-070.


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