Steatite Ultra High Temp 1000C (1832F) Ceramic Terminal Blocks/Connectors

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1, 2, 3 and 4 pole steatite ceramic high temperature blocks terminal 32A, 450V

What are Engineering Ceramics?
Engineer ceramics are components of ceramic to provide solutions for engineering conditions with special requirements. Ceramics offer many advantages compared to materials. They are more heat and corrosion resistant than metals or polymers; less dense than most metals and their alloys; and their raw materials are both plentiful and inexpensive. These good properties facilitate their use in many different product areas. The common engineer ceramics include alumina ceramic, steatite ceramic, zirconia ceramic, cordierite ceramic and titanium ceramic etc. If you are looking for a material that has a longer working life and can stand up to wear, corrosion and high temperature,
the engineering ceramic is the answer.


Ceramic Ultra High Temp Electrical Steatite Terminal Blocks/Connectors
Steatite is an inorganic material based on natural raw materials consisting predominantly of magnesium silicate. It is marked by a high heat resistance, resistance to leakage current and dielectric strength. It is recommended as an insulation material in electrical engineering.

Features & Advantages
1. Good dielectric strength
2. Tracking resistant
3. Heat resistance and form stability up to 1000°C (1832F)
4. High mechanical strength
5. Non-combustible
6. Resistant to UV radiation

Porcelain connectors are suitable for all applications where thermoplastic materials would not have sufficient heat resistance capabilities. The connectors shown are glazed to prevent moisture absorption (base is unglazed) and are available in 32 amp rating only. None of the connectors on this page carry marking.

Chemical Resistance
• Non-Flammability
• Heat resistance
• Dimensional stability up to 800°C
• Corrosion resistance
• Temp Rating of -40°C to +300-350°C
• Max Voltage 450V


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